“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

We are all artists - entrepreneurs, scientists, house-wives, even accountants - people are innately creative. The problem is that our artist “hat” is often hidden deep down inside, locked away underneath all of our other hats - the “I’m too busy” hat, the “what’s the point” hat, or even the “I can’t draw a stick figure to save myself” hat *gasp*! The thing is, there is nothing wrong with keeping our artist hat temporarily in mental storage. BUT….if you are a parent, how can you ensure that your child’s “artistic hat” is honed and fostered while yours is locked away? Ah….the ultimate question! Of course, we highly recommend our kids art classes in Kingscliff and our kids art parties on the Gold Coast. But if you don’t have access to art classes in your local area, how can you still ensure your child’s creativity is fostered?

As parents, it is vital that we provide a space for our children to make creative mess in the home, - to paint, to play and to experiment. As I child I remember having unlimited access to our “cupboard under the stairs” which was always stocked with craft supplies, odds and ends, toilet rolls, fabric scraps etc. Basically, it was useless junk but to us as kids it was priceless treasure and most importantly, it instigated ‘imaginative play’.

As Kaufman (2013) from Psychology Today explains , allowing your child to experience imaginative play, to dream, to fantasize or “make-believe” makes them better people. When they’re more comfortable in being different from others, making mistakes and looking outside the box, they’ll become the inventors, creators and entrepreneurs of our world. More importantly, they’ll be able to simply cope with the world! If they can think creatively and problem solve their way through tough situations, they’ll be better able to cope with lifes anxieties and mental issues.

 But if making mess in the home just isn’t an option, or you feel your child needs something more, there is another option available. Book your child into one of our Artory kids art classes in Kingscliff, or our kids art workshops on the Gold Coast and they’ll find themselves in a room full of like-minded creatives with activities specifically designed to foster creative thinking. And for an extra special creative boost, our kids art parties on the Gold Coast or Kingscliff are a creative blast as well!