Whether you are a fan of my art (www.annesmerdon.com) or a student of my art (www.artory.com.au), I have a confession to make....

I'm a terrible friend.

I'm the kind of friend that never calls, that texts back weeks later, that's always too busy to catch up. I don't mean to be such a hermit, I honestly don't... but the truth is, in between teaching 90 students each week, meeting illustration deadlines, finishing commissioned artworks and painting for my own exhibitions...I have barely enough time to do anything else.

But while I may rarely call or seldom email, I AM thinking of you! And I wanted to let you know that I APPRECIATE your support of my art and my art classes!

That is why I have made this little gift for you. It's a watercolour tutorial on how to paint bamboo. It's SUPER easy and trust me when I say ANYONE can do it. A few of my Artory students have already tried it and loved it! All you need is a couple of brushes and some blue and yellow paint.


Give it a go and let me know how you go! It's the first video tutorial I have done so I would love to see your results and hear any feedback! If you're on social media - tag me in at @annesmerdon or @the_artory

And again, please know that I love you and appreciate your support! I'll be having a new sale of artworks and prints soon - I promise!