Why is creativity in schools such a big issue?

Schools across the world tend to focus on data- they take statistics about performance in exams and figure out which subjects to target and improve. The problem is, how can they ever track such a fundamental quality as creativity… with statistics? While it’s true that research has been done into the issue, it is usually not the schools themselves which conduct research into their student’s own success in this area. Due to this trend, kids suffering lack of imagination and creativity don’t just get ignored- they never get noticed in the first place. We aim to change this for local children with Artory's kid's art classes near Murwillumbah, Tweed and Casuarina- read on to find out why it's an issue so close to our hearts.

Artistic ability sets them up for life

Creativity is encouraged by immersion and experimentation in the arts, and not just fine art. Subjects such as drama, music, dance, photography and creative writing all encourage skills needed throughout life. These include creative and innovative thinking, being able to elaborate on or change existing ideas in unexpected ways, and the confidence to make effective decisions. Today’s job market no longer requires simply the ability to be loyal, remember instructions and follow orders- employers are looking for people demonstrating skills of being able to create solutions to problems without having their hand held, and to connect things which are seemingly unconnected. And children hoping to grow up to run their own businesses will need these skills even more.

Creative ability improves academic learning

They will find it easier to identify patterns- a skill also needed in non-artistic subjects such as literature, science, programming and maths. In fact, increasing time spent on artistic pursuits has been proven to improve overall academic ability and success. The skills they learn may even evolve into true passion and a related career, or simply give them the self-confidence to pursue an unrelated one. The arts offer an opportunity to do something relatively free from pressures to conform, and without rigid guidelines of what is correct or incorrect. They are subjects where children are truly free to explore.

Self-confidence and work ethics

Kids see that when they put work into something, not only do they get results, but those results improve every time; seeing their own progress is a great confidence booster. These activities also teach them that the more focus and time they devote to a project, the better the results. This leads to greater perseverance and patience in the face of difficult tasks. Merely seeing that they are capable of these things is uplifting. Time devoted to the arts will give them opportunities to see others do the same, and to encourage them. Art is a great way to bond with others and learn to give constructive criticism.

They will always find time for themselves

Building an appreciation of these activities will teach them the value of devoting time to self-development, which they will likely find harder to do when they are older. Their art, or other creative acts, will also teach them about themselves- examining their own thoughts and observations in a focused manner which is so often neglected in the fast-paced world we now live in. Vitally, art also encourages emotional expression, which is particularly important in a culture which rarely encourages boys to emote.

Relaxation and enrichment

Finally, kids often have many responsibilities, such as school, homework, clubs, chores and family time, as well as worries over parents and friends. Taking time for the personal enjoyment of creative acts can be a productive and rewarding form of relaxation. And as an added bonus, arts and crafts in particular result in meaningful objects, enriching the child’s environment and making very personal gifts. 

A last word for locals...

If all these reasons aren’t enough to encourage you to involve your children in art classes and workshops, I don’t know what will!
If you are looking for artistic opportunities for kids near Kingscliff, Tweed, we offer all kinds of artistic activities for children which will appeal to anyone living in and around New South Wales.

For further reading on the topic, the Mom Loves Best blog has written an excellent article on the benefits of art for kids.