Enjoy this gentle medium that helps you to slow down. Learn a mix of traditional watercolour techniques as well as creative uses for watercolour. It's great for those looking for a new hobby involving colour no matter whether you want to paint landscapes, flowers, portraits , still life and more....

In this class you will learn:

  • How to mix and use colour to it's maximum effect
  • The importance of white paper and space
  • Which papers to use and what the difference in pricing means for the end result
  • Brushes, masking fluid and other tools of the trade
  • The importance of layering and how to create a 'glow'
  • How to pick good compositions
  • Easy tips and tricks for drawing up regardless of whether you are a good drawer or not
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This class is run by Denise Scott and is independent of the Artory. For all class details, please contact Denise Scott: