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there's pilates, zumba and the gym for our physical well-being, there's suduko, yoga and meditation for our mental well-being, but what are we doing about our creative wellbeing?

...why you need to work less and create more...

Family, fun and work are the three necessary components of life. By having a balance of these elements, we achieve a state of happiness and internal satisfaction - and we all want internal satisfaction right? But so often we let work (the uglier of the three) take precedence in our lives and our internal satisfaction is thrown off-balance. That's why Artory Parties were created.

Creative play is the best way to switch off from the high-powered and demanding activities associated with work and family responsibilities. Creative play allows us permission to put aside our serious side and engage the playful, creative and fun side of our personality (which is so often denied expression and under-developed). Best of all, creative play can dissipate tensions and frustrations stored in our unconscious (hence why art therapy is such a growing industry!).

“Unexpressed creativity is not benign – it metastasizes into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow, shame. It becomes destructive.” - Professor Brené Brown, American Scholar

In fact, science has proven that creative play is one of the most effective ways to restore willpower and energy to your brain. While your 5 o'clock after-work brain may tell you that all you need is to veg out in front of the TV, scientists have found that doing something that engages your interest like exercising your creative side is actually a far more effective way of restoring willpower and energy to your brain. It's called "intrinsic motivation" - doing something purely for the enjoyment of it.

So what are you waiting for? Engage your creative side! You have one, we all do!....even if it's buried deep within your personality behind all the "work stuff" and family responsibilities. Your Artory party will help you relax, unwind and restore your playful, creative side.