...or at least, you could be. Your brain is remarkably malleable and can be taught and trained to be more creative. 

That's where I come in. I'm Anne Smerdon - professional and award-winning artist and founder of the Artory art school in Kingscliff, NSW. It's not your average art school. My classes are focused on introducing you to your artist within. I specialise in teaching people that “cant draw” and “aren’t creative” to master any art medium.

I will teach you the techniques and tricks of the trade so that you can draw or paint any subject at any level of difficulty, even if you "can't draw a stick figure to save yourself." But I'll go further than that - I will motivate you, inspire you, push your comfort zones, engage your imagination and break your barriers to creativity. 

You are a creative fire waiting to be lit. You have all the fuel you need. Don't be too afraid to light the match!